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High School Seniors

Cost is Important! A Budget is necessary. Your Senior Image is Priceless.

Purchasing your Senior Portraits from Copelands is an Investment. It may not seem so right now, but as time goes by, your portrait will bring you back to one of the best times in your life.

By allowing Copelands to create your High School Senior Portrait, we will record this time in your life that can never be replaced.

With many collections to choose from, simple gift prints to a huge 20 image Collection, we know we can supply all of your portrait needs. We find most of our clients will invest between $175 to $1250. Some will spend more, but we do not have a minimum order.

No matter what you invest, At Copelands, we feel you should get images that you will be proud of for generations to come. By choosing Copelands, you will get the very best! 615-848-1700


Let Copelands Capture your Special Day!

Our Collections being simple and you can add all you want.

We begin with an $800 wedding day coverage, which includes a High Resolution DVD of all edited images.

We top out at $4995 with our Elite Collection, which includes almost everything except the kitchen sink. (we figure you have one of those)

Contact us for complete pricing and a "get to know each other" consultation. 615-848-1700


Studio Portrait Sessions

A portrait session at Copelands is a unique event.

You have never experienced such a fun filled, relaxed atmosphere while having a portrait created.

By scheduling 2 hours for each session, we can take our time and have fun. From a new born baby to an extended family of 15, We can create an heirloom to be appreciated and admired for generations to come.

From small gift prints to large wall prints, we can fulfill any & all of your needs. Contact us @ 615-848-1700


Planning & Purpose is Key to Our Sessions.

3 Questions have to be answered:

Why: Why do we need a portrait created?
What: What do I want from this session?
How Much: How much do I need to budget for this?

We find that the answers to all 3 of these questions are very similar.

Why: Because we have not done one in years.
What: I need to have my Family / Children displayed on my wall.
How much: I would like to keep it somewhere in the $300-$1000 range.



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